COVID-19 Precautions

The safety and well-being of our clients and our families are very important to us. We are following NYS guidelines specific to our profession.

*Revised 5/19/2021

When you come for your appointment you can expect the following:

We kindly ask that ALL clients, regardless of vaccination status, continue to wear a face covering upon entering our building.

In accordance with NY State & CDC guidelines:

*Clients who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and provide proof of vaccination may remove their mask once they enter our office space and for the entirety of their massage. 

*We are both vaccinated against COVID-19, however we understand that everyone has their own comfort level. We will wear a mask when you arrive and won’t remove it unless you/we are completely comfortable with us doing so. 

*Unvaccinated clients or those who do not provide proof of vaccination must continue to adhere to the CDC masking protocols required for unvaccinated people. You will need to wear a face covering at all times upon entering the building (if you don’t arrive with one we can provide one) AND during your massage. While face down you CAN, if needed, take off your face covering. There will be a towel/pillowcase draped in the open space of the face rest to act as a barrier.

You can expect to answer health screening questions specific to COVID-19, in addition to having your temperature checked with a contactless thermometer when you arrive. Please do not come to your appointment if you’re feeling ill.

There will be hand sanitizer available to you in the treatment room, and we ask that you use it before getting comfortable on the table for your session.

The massage table, padding, and table warmer are covered with a non-porous cover that is thoroughly sanitized before we place a fresh set of linens on the table for each client.

We have an air purifier running and we will do our best to create air flow in our space.

We are thoroughly spraying down all surfaces in the entire office with an EPA approved disinfectant cleaner between each client, as well as scheduling extra time between each client.

We are both vaccinated against COVID-19.

***NY State/CDC Guidelines as of 5/19/2021:

*** We ask that all clients follow New York State guidance regarding international travel, detailed at this link: